Disc Spring DIN 2093 (Standard DIN 2093, Heavy Duty, Ball Bearing, Serrated Washers)

Here at Caleb Components, we specialise in supplying our customers with a variety of spring type fasteners, such as E-clips, circlips, washers and disc springs. On this page you will find our selection of disc springs, which includes six different options.


Disc springs are also known as Belleville Washers after their inventor, Julian F. Belleville. These conical-shaped spring discs were created in the mid-nineteenth century and since then have been used in an incredibly wide range of devices across different industries. The conical washers are made to be loaded in the axial direction, statically loaded either continuously or intermittently, as well as cyclically deflected.


At Caleb Components, our choice of disc springs include stainless steel disc spring washes, disc springs DIN 2093, a ball bearing preload type, heavy duty disc springs DIN 6796, serrated safety wash type S and serrated safety washer type VS. Through each of these choices, you also have a variety of different options to choose from when it comes to sizes and quantities available in our extensive range.


We also offer an in-house technical service that aids you in your Disc Spring design. whether it be a single Disc spring or a stack. Cycling or static loading, we can offer a comprehensive data sheet covering various materials and standard or non standard sizes.


For more information about our range of disc springs, please complete our online contact form, or email us at  sales@calebcomponents.com. Alternatively, to speak to a member of the team directly, you can call us on +44 (0)1384 453955 and a member of staff will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have for us.