Shim Washers DIN 988

At Caleb components Ltd, we supply metric shim washers that have been manufactured with the utmost care and attention to ensure that the fixtures and fittings you purchase are the correct metal shim washers for the job.

Steel shim washers that we supply for our customers are of a high quality, which means it will not quickly wear or split, thus needing to be replaced.

Shim washers are also great when you need to fill a gap to prevent leaks or stop other parts of a machine loosening and rattling around. The Din 988 shim washers we provide are metallic (carbon spring steel) round shim washers that are created to fill in gaps or take up the excess space in a piece of machinery, which is why we provide precision shim washers, labelled to its exact measurements.  All of our Shim Washers can be supplied to you by Caleb Components in a number of different sizes, depending on the machine or mechanism it is being used for.  We supply spring tension washers, flat washers and zinc plated shake proof washers that are also known as lock washers, as they work to hold something tight into place.

Caleb components is your Shim Washers Suppliers, here to supply you with high Quality products, such as Shim Washers, in the UK.  Browse here to Buy shim washers.

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