M5 Serrated Safety Washer M/Duty Type VS – Pack of 100

£6.45 (Exc. VAT)

Pack Qty: 100

Outside Diameter: 9mm

Inside Diameter: 5.3mm

Thickness: 1mm

Overall Height: 1.3mm

Material: Carbon Spring Steel

Finish: Phosphated & Oiled (Black)


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Product Code: MDS9531

Medium Duty Serrated Safety Washers 9mm x 5.3mm x 1mm

This unique design of a Disc Spring Serrated Washer means they have a distinct advantage of
having serrations on both surfaces that when deflected (tightened on to the mating
surfaces), offer a good grip that helps prevent loosening of nuts, bolt and screws.
This product is particularly useful in such applications where vibrations are
concerned. Such as washing machines, drills etc.