Oxygen Sensor Socket Set 7pce

£42.89 (Exc. VAT)

Chrome vanadium steel with blackened-phosphate finish. For removal, inspection or replacement of heated and non-heated oxygen sensors. Windows and slots allow sockets to be fitted over wiring harness. Suitable for Titania and Zirconia oxygen sensors. Includes 3/8″ 22 x 30mm offset oxygen sensor socket; 3/8″ 27 x 74mm oil sender unit socket; 3/8″ 22 x 80mm narrow slot vacuum sensor socket; 3/8″ 22 x 90mm wide slot oxygen sensor socket; 1/2″ 22 x 50mm offset heated oxygen sensor socket; 1/2″ 27 x 85mm injector socket, and 1/2″ 29 x 90mm oxygen sensor socket, in a tough storage case.

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