One of our most popular assortments, is our Split Cotter Pin Assortment. Offering 18 different sizes and approximately 550 pcs. Finished in a Bright Zinc Plate.

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Assorted Metric Split Cotter Pin (BZP) Kit

£16.85 (Exc. VAT)

A helpful guide for fitting Split Cotter Pins… How to install a Split Cotter Pin What’s Included?  50 x 1.6X12mm, 50 x 1.6X20mm, 50 x 1.6X28mm, 50 x 2X16mm, 50 x 2X22mm, 50 x 2X28mm, 25 x 2.5X14mm, 25 x 2.5X20mm, 25 x 2.5X28mm, 25 x 3.2X20mm, 25 x 3.2X28mm, 20 x 3.2X32mm, 20 x 4X22mm,…

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