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Metric E-Clips

We offer a fantastic range of Metric E-Clips to DIN 6799 in both carbon spring steel & stainless steel.

E-Clips can also be known as ‘E’ Type Circlips, or ‘E’ Rings.

These are radially installed and have a wider shoulder than other retaining rings such as Circlips or Snap Rings, which ensures a larger retaining area.

Metric E-Clips in Stainless Steel.

What are Shim Washers?

Shim Washers are a popular form of washer, are used in various applications to take up excess play and space. They are also used to absorb impacts and offer protection in compact spaces.

Shim Washers are also often stacked in order to form the correct spacing within in an application. They are most commonly used alongside Gears, Belts & Pulleys and Rotary Bearings.

The washers can also be known as ‘Shims’ and conform to a DIN 988 specification.

You can browse our full range of Shim Washers online by following the below link.

Should you require assistance on our Shim Washers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are Wave Washers used for?

EPL Wave Washers are particularly useful for the pre-loading of bearings, for example, in electric motors. The Washers are installed within the bearing housing and operate by maintaining a force on the outer face of the bearing. This ensures a smooth and quiet running of the motor which helps extend the life of the bearing.

Require assistance finding the right Wave Washer? Feel free to contact us today.

What is a Spring Lock Washer?

Spring Lock Washers are a common form of Washer.

They help with the prevention of fasteners becoming loose during vibration. Spring Lock Washers contain a split so that when tightened each side, they bite into the nut and mounting surface. This helps against any anti-vibration rotation that may occur during vibration.

Spring Washers

What is the difference between Snap Rings & Circlips?

One of the most common questions we are asked, is what is the difference between Snap Rings and Circlips…

This has a very simple answer.

Circlips (or retaining rings) have lugs with holes, so that they can be inserted on to the shaft or bore with pliers. The lugs allow the plier to either expand or compress the circlip during installation.

Snap Rings do not contain lugs, and offer a smooth all round continuous form without the protrusion of lugs which could interfere with applications. These can be inserted by using flat screwdrivers.

External Circlips (with lugs) form the ‘1400’ series

Internal Circlips (with lugs) form the ‘1300’ series

External Snap Rings (without lugs) form the ‘M2400’ series

Internal Snap Rings (without lugs) form the ‘M2300’ series

Internal Circlips Metric DIN 472
External Snap Rings for Shafts