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Shim Washers: 10% off the Full Range

We are now offering 10% off our full range of DIN 988 Shim Washers, including our two popular assortment packs.

Simply use coupon code: SHIMWASHERS10 at the checkout stage to receive your 10% discount.

Offer ends 30/06/2022

Circlip Assortments Online

Shop for External Circlip Assortments and Internal Circlip Assortments online today.

18 different sizes included and approximately over 550 pcs in the kit.

Online, we offer the carbon steel variety, however stainless steel assortments are available upon request.

Order online today:



D1400 External Circlips

Circlips that make up the D1400 series, are External Circlips for Shafts.

Here at Caleb Components, we supply a large range of D1400 External Circlips in Carbon Spring Steel & Stainless Steel.

These parts are available to buy online for Next Working Day delivery and full technical assistance is available if required.

Shop for D1400 External Circlips here:

Belleville Washers to DIN 2093

Belleville Washers can also be known as Disc Springs, or Conical Washers. Sometimes finding these parts can be difficult, especially when you only require a handful.

Here at Caleb Components, we have made it easy to purchase a wide range of sizes in small pack quantities. Our prices are affordable and quality is to a high standard.

We are rapidly becoming one of the UK’s leading supplier of these parts, and list the full range on our website. Please follow this link to view the full range:

disc springs / belleville washers

E Clips for Shafts with Grooves

Sourcing the right E Clip can be difficult at times, simply down to not knowing the exact size you need.

It is important to remember the following…

Metric E Clips (DIN 6799) are always listed the groove size they are fitting in to on the shaft. Here’s an example: If you have shaft that measures between 8mm -11mm and has a groove size will be 7mm. This means you will require a 7mm E Clip.

Imperial E Clips (N1500) are always listed by the shaft size they are fitting on to. For example: If you have a shaft size of 1/4″ (0.25″) you will require a 1/4″ E Clip.

Here is some more useful information on our E Clips:

If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01384 453955.