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E Clips : Buy Online Today

Buy E Clips online today! We offer a wide range of metric and imperial E Clips produced to the highest quality.

Our metric range are offered in carbon and stainless steel, and are produced to DIN 6799 specifications. Online, we offer small pack quantities for your convenience, although bulk supply can be offered upon request.

Check our range out here:

E Clips - Imperial
E Clips – Imperial
E Clips - E Type Circlips

Buy Wave Washers Online

Wave Washers are particularly useful for the pre-loading of bearings, for example, in electric motors. The Washers are installed within the bearing housing and operate by maintaining a force on the outer face of the bearing. This ensures a smooth and quiet running of the motor which helps extend the life of the bearing.

From stock, we offer the EPL series which covers a wide range of Bearing codes.

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Wave Washers for Bearings. EPL range.

E Clips (E Type Circlips)

E Clips are designed for shafts with grooves. They can also be known as ‘E’ Type Circlips and are most commonly available in carbon spring steel and stainless steel.

Metric E Clips are produced to DIN 6799 standards and make up the D1500 series. Metric E Clips are always listed by the groove size on the shaft they fit onto, whereas Imperial E Clips are listed by the shaft size.

Order E Clips online today through our easy to use website. Simply follow the below link to view the range!

E Clips - E Type Circlips