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Spring Pins – Slotted Type

One of our best sellers online are our high quality Slotted Spring Pins

These Pins can also be known as Roll Pins or Sellock Pins.

Our Spring Pins are available online in both Carbon and Stainless Steel, with next day delivery also available.

To view our full range of Pins, please use the links below:

Metric Carbon Steel –

Metric Stainless Steel –

Imperial Carbon Steel –

Shim Washers – Your one stop shop right here!

Here at Caleb Components we stock a large range of Shim Washers.

Our Shim Washers are available to purchase through our online store, next day delivery also available.

Our Shim Washers are made from carbon spring steel (heat-treated) and made with a plain finish. The Shim Washers conform to DIN 988 standards.

Order online today –

D1300 Internal Circlips – Buy online today

Internal Circlips are designed to be fitted into bores with grooves.

Our Internal Circlips are part of the D1300 / DIN 472 series and are available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

To view our Circlips online, please use the links below:

Carbon Steel –

Stainless Steel –

E Clips – How to measure E Clips!

Caleb Components has been selling high quality E Clips for many years and are now available to buy online through our online store.

When it comes to ordering E Clips it can be difficult to know exactly which size to order, so here is some information on how to measure the correct size.

Metric E Clips (D1500 / DIN6799) are always listed by the groove size they’re fitting in to on the shaft. For example if you have a 5mm groove on your shaft, you will need to order a 5mm E Clip, this should then fit a shaft size of between 6mm – 8mm. Alternatively if you know the shaft size then we can also identify which E Clip you need.

Imperial E Clips (N1500) on the other hand, are always measured by Shaft size. For example if you have a 5/32″ shaft you will need a 5/32″ E Clip.

Both Metric and Imperial E Clips are available to buy online, here is the link:

Belleville Washers – DIN 2093

Belleville Washers (also known as Disc Springs) are conical shaped washers.

These Washers have the unique advantage of offering a high force in a confined space compared with that of a coiled type Compression Spring.

The Belleville Washers we supply are manufactured to DIN 2093 specifications and start from as small as M3.

You can purchase these Washers through our online store. Next day delivery also available. Please use the link below to view the range:

Belleville Washers:

Spring Pins – What size do I order?

Spring Pins can also be known as Roll Pins or Tension Pins.

These kinds of pins are universally used, economical shear-type fastener models, which possess self-locking capabilities. When they are created, they are manufactured to an oversize dimension. This is done so that once the pin has been placed inside a hole radial forces are exerted, holding the spring in position.

Typical uses of the spring tension pins include spacers, hinge and stop, and dowels in countless non-precision and demanding industrial applications.

Finding the right size of Spring Pin couldn’t be easier, Spring Pins are always listed by the hole size the Pin is fitting into. For example, if you need a pin to fit a 6mm hole, you would order a 6mm Spring Pin and then choose the appropriate length of Pin you require.

To view our full range of Spring Pins (technical information included) please use this link:

External Circlips for Shafts

External Circlips are designed to be fitted onto shafts with grooves. The circlips can be used as securing device to ensure that either the shaft is not displaced or items upon the shaft are secured in place.

The easiest way to measure an External Circlip is by measuring the shaft size the Circlip is fitting on to. For example if you have a 20mm shaft, you will need a 20mm External Circlip. External Circlips are listed by the shaft size they’re fitting on to.

Alternatively, you can measure the INSIDE diameter of the circlip, and we can then help identify which Circlip you require for your shaft.

Our External Circlips are available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Please use the links below to view the range:

Carbon Steel –

Stainless Steel –