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We are one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of Key Steel, stocking a wide range of sizes for same day dispatch.

Metric and Imperial Sizes available.

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    External Circlips: D1400 Range

    Shop for D1400 External Circlips online. We offer this range in both Carbon and Stainless Steel.

    D1400 External Circlips are designed to be fitted on to shafts with grooves. Each size is listed by the shaft size they are fitting on to. Please refer to our technical data sheet for more information.

    View our full range online here:

    External Circlips in Carbon Steel
    External Circlips in Carbon Steel

    Metric E-Clips

    We offer a fantastic range of Metric E-Clips to DIN 6799 in both carbon spring steel & stainless steel.

    E-Clips can also be known as ‘E’ Type Circlips, or ‘E’ Rings.

    These are radially installed and have a wider shoulder than other retaining rings such as Circlips or Snap Rings, which ensures a larger retaining area.

    Metric E-Clips in Stainless Steel.

    What are Shim Washers?

    Shim Washers are a popular form of washer, are used in various applications to take up excess play and space. They are also used to absorb impacts and offer protection in compact spaces.

    Shim Washers are also often stacked in order to form the correct spacing within in an application. They are most commonly used alongside Gears, Belts & Pulleys and Rotary Bearings.

    The washers can also be known as ‘Shims’ and conform to a DIN 988 specification.

    You can browse our full range of Shim Washers online by following the below link.

    Should you require assistance on our Shim Washers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.