Measuring E Clips… A Simple Guide.

Finding the right E Clip doesn’t have to be difficult! Here is some helpful information on how to find the right E Clip for you.

Metric E Clips (D1500 / DIN6799) are always listed by the groove size they’re fitting in to on the shaft. For example if you have a 5mm groove on your shaft, you will need to order a 5mm E Clip, this should then fit a shaft size of between 6mm – 8mm. Alternatively if you know the shaft size then we can also identify which E Clip you need.

Imperial E Clips (N1500) on the other hand, are always measured by Shaft size. For example if you have a 5/32″ shaft you will need a 5/32″ E Clip.

Both Metric and Imperial E Clips are available to buy online, here is the link: