Purchase Imperial Circlips Online!

At Caleb Components, we offer both External (N1400) and Internal (N1300) Imperial Circlips.

Offered in Carbon Steel.

To view our range of Imperial Circlips, please use the links below.

N1400 EXTERNAL – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/circlips/imperial-circlips-external-n1400/

N1300 INTERNAL – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/circlips/imperial-circlips-internal-n1300/

External Imperial Circlip 1.3/16Internal Imperial Circlip 1.00 BAG QTY: 25 PCS

Inconel 718 / Inconel X750

These type of materials are highly ductile Alloys which are excellent in high temperature applications, and also where acidity or special chemicals may be in use.

Disc Springs in these materials are also very popular with subsea applications as they have excellent anti-corrosive properties against elements such as salt water.

If you have any enquiries for Disc Springs or Circlips in these materials, please dont hesitate to contact us.


Deltatone Plating

Caleb Components offers a range of products in a range of finishes and materials.

Included in this range is Delta-tone finish.

This is a type of Zinc Flake Coating . Delta-tone is a  low temperature organic resin based plating.

If you require a quotation for Delta-tone finish parts, please dont hesitate to contact us.


Buy Spring Tension Pins Online!

Purchase a wide range of Slotted Spring Tension Pins through our online store.

We offer small pack quantities of DIN 1481 Spring Pins in both Carbon and Stainless Steel, Imperial sized Spring Pins and DIN 7346 Lightweight Spring Pins.

Please use the links below to view the full range:

Metric Spring Tension Pins Carbon Steel https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/pins/spring-tension-pins-din1481/

Metric Spring Tension Pins Stainless Steel https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/pins/spring-tension-pins-slotted-type-din-1481-stainless-steel/

Imperial Spring Tension Pins https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/pins/imperial-spring-tension-pins-carbon-steel/

Lightweight Spring Tension Pins https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/pins/light-weight-spring-tension-pins-din-7346-iso-13337/


Split Cotter Pins

Purchase Bright Zinc Plated Split Cotter Pins through our online store. Produced to DIN 94 specifications.

We offer these in small pack quantities, however if you require larger bulk quantities, please dont hesitate to contact us.

To purchase BZP Split Cotter Pins please click here https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/pins/split-cotter-pins/

We also offer Stainless Steel Split Cotter Pins in small pack quantities: https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/pins/split-cotter-pins-stainless-steel-din94/

10mm x 160mm Split Cotter Pin DIN 94

Ball Bearing Pre-Load Disc Spring Range

Caleb Components offers a variety of Disc Spring Washers including, DIN 2093 Belleville Washers, Heavy Duty Disc Spring Washers (DIN 6796) and Serrated Safety Washers.

Also included in the range are Ball Bearing Preload Disc Springs. Offered in small pack quantities, sizes range from 9.8mm x 6.2mm x 0.2mm up to 149mm x 95.5mm x 1.5mm.

To view the full range please use this link: https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/disc-springs/ball-bearing-pre-load-disc-springs/

Disc Spring 129mm x 95.5mm x 1.25mm

Heavy Duty External Circlips DIN 1460

Here at Caleb Components, we offer both Carbon & Stainless Steel Heavy Duty External Circlips to DIN 1460 Specifications.

The Heavy Duty Circlip, has a greater thickness than that of a standard DIN 471 External Circlip.

To view our range of Heavy Duty External Circlips please use the links below.

Carbon Steel – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/circlips/heavy-duty-ext-circlips-din1460/

Stainless Steel – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/circlips/hduty-ext-circlips-din1460-st-stl/

Solid Dowel Pins – DIN 6325 H&G

Purchase a wide range of sizes from our Solid Dowel Pin range, produced to DIN 6325 specifications (m6 tolerances).

Sizes start from as small as 1 x 4mm up to 12 x 120mm.

We offer this in small pack quantities, however if you require larger bulk quantities, please dont hesitate to contact us.

To view our Solid Dowel Pins, please click here https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/pins/solid-dowel-pins-din-6325

Disc Spring Washers

Caleb Components offers a wide range of Disc Spring (Belleville) Washers.

Our most common range is the DIN 2093 Disc Springs, available in both Carbon & Stainless steel.

We also offer Heavy Duty Disc Springs in Carbon steel, manufactured to DIN 6796 specifications.

Another range we offer is the Ball Bearing Pre-load Disc Spring range in Carbon Steel.

To view the range of Disc Springs online, please click here https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/disc-springs/