Looking for Shim Washers?

Sourcing Shim Washers online can be difficult, especially in small pack quantities!

However at Caleb Components we have made it really easy to order precision sized Shim Washers to the DIN 988 specification. Shim Washers are great for filling gaps therefore preventing leaks or to stop other parts of machine loosening rattling around.

You can browse our range of Shim Washers online here https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/shimsupport-washers-din-988/#:~:text=Shim%20Washers%20are%20great%20when,machine%20loosening%20and%20rattling%20around.

Internal Circlips / Retaining Clips

Internal Circlips can also be known as Internal Retaining Clips. Internal Circlips are used to for bores with grooves and start from as small as 8mm bore size.

Internal Circlips are always listed by bore size, however you can measure the outside diameter of the circlip. Once you have the outside diameter measurement you can match it up through our technical information to find the exact size you need.

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Shakeproof Washers – Why are they used?

Shakeproof Washers can be made as External Types or Internal Types depending on application.

Shakeproof Washers contain a serrated edge which enables is to be held in place by biting into the surface. They are used in applications where there are fastenings with a larger head which will resist the force of the washer being compressed as well as holding the surface.

These Washers can also be known as Tooth Locking Washers. They are most commonly finished in a bright zinc plate for corrosion resistance.

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External Type (DIN 6797A) – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/shakeproof-washers-zinc-plated-internal-external/external-tooth-lock-washers-din-6797/

Internal Type (DIN 6797J) – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/shakeproof-washers-zinc-plated-internal-external/internal-tooth-lock-washers-din-6797/

Type A Flat Washers

One of the most common forms of Flat Washers are the ‘Type A’ ones.

The Type A Series contains broader tolerances than that of Type B.

Flat Washers are used in conjunction with nuts and bolts. They are designed to sit between the nut and contact surface area which ensures the the pressure is distributed evenly across the washer, therefore reducing damage to the surface area.

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What are Disc Springs used for?

Disc Springs (also known as Belleville Washers) are Conical shaped washers.

They have the unique advantage of offering a high force in a confined space compared with that of a coiled type Compression Spring.

Disc Springs can be stacked in various combinations or even used singularly depending on the force needed for the application.

Application examples of Disc Springs include, Automobiles, Defense Systems, Machine Tools and much more.

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