Leading E-Clip Supplier – Caleb Components

Here at Caleb Components we supply high quality metric & imperial e-clips in a variety of materials.

An E-Clip is a basic form of a Circlip. They have the advantage that they can be
inserted form the side of the shaft rather than inserting from the end. Also, each E-Clip
has flexibility on the shaft size that it will suit.

Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel E-Clips are available to purchase online! Please click this link to view our full range of E-Clips https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/e-clips/

ISO 8752 / DIN 1481 Roll Pins

Caleb Components offers high quality Roll Pins in both Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel. These type of Pins can also be known as Slotted Spring Pins or Sellock Pins.

These Pins are available to view online, please use the links provided below to browse a wide range of high quality Roll Pins.

Carbon Steel Roll Pins – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/spring-tension-pins-din1481/

Stainless Steel Roll Pins – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/spring-tension-pins-slotted-type-din-1481-stainless-steel/

DIN 2093 Disc Springs

Disc Spring Washers, also known as Belleville Washers are manufactured to DIN 2093 specifications. These Disc Springs are available in Carbon Spring Steel and Stainless Steel. Special finishes such as Inconel are available upon request.

Disc Springs are conical shaped washers. They have the unique advantage of offering a high force in a confined space compared with that of a coiled type Compression Spring. 

Check out our range of Disc Springs online!

Carbon Steel – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/disc-springs/disc-springs-belleville-washers/

Stainless Steel – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/disc-springs/disc-springs-stainless-steel-din-2093/

Wide range of Split Cotter Pins online!

Purchase both metric & imperial split cotter pins through our online store today.

Split Cotter Pins are a simple securing device for example, to prevent parts sliding off the end of a shaft. The prongs (or legs) of the Cotter Pins can then be bent back to hold the assembly in place. The standard specification or standard for Cotter Pins is DIN 94, equivalent to ISO 1234 and BS 1574.

Please use these links to view the Split Cotter Pin range:

Metric Zinc Plated: https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/split-cotter-pins/

Imperial Zinc Plated: https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/split-cotter-pins-bzp-imperial/

Stainless Steel Split Cotter Pins are also available including 316 (A4) grade Stainless.

High Quality Spring Tension Pins

Here at Caleb Components, we supply a range of Metric and Imperial Spring Tension Pins. These type of Pins can also be known as Sellock Pins or Roll Pins.

Slotted Spring Pins are simply a single coil of steel with an open slot, this will enable the pin to reduce its diameter, so that it can be easily inserted into the appropriate size hole. The most common form of Spring Pin is the Heavy Duty type, however Light Duty Spring Pins can also be manufactured upon request.

To view our range of Spring Tension Pins please use the below links:

Metric Carbon Steel (DIN 1481) – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/spring-tension-pins-din1481/

Metric Stainless Steel (DIN 1481) – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/spring-tension-pins-slotted-type-din-1481-stainless-steel/

Imperial Carbon Steel – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/imperial-spring-tension-pins-carbon-steel/

Imperial Stainless Steel – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/engineering-pins/stainless-steel-imperial-slotted-spring-tension-pins/

316 (A4) Stainless Steel parts are also available upon request.

Leading Supplier in Inconel Circlips

Our Circlips are available in a variety of special materials including Inconel.

This material is a high ductile alloy which offers excellent properties particularly in the use of Circlips. It can be used in very low & high temperature applications, and is anti-magnetic as well as offering very good anti-corrosive properties.

Here at Caleb Components we offer metric & imperial Inconel Circlips. Our metric External Circlips are produced to DIN 471 standards & our metric Internal Circlips are produced to DIN 472 standards.

Enquire with us today about our high quality Inconel Circlips.

Call + 44 (0) 1384 453955 or email us: mailto: sales@calebcomponents.com

Snap Rings Online

Purchase our External & Internal Snap Rings today through our online store.

We offer M2400 (SWM) External Snap Rings & M2300 (SBM) Internal Snap Rings in Carbon Spring Steel.

External Snap Rings are fitted onto shafts and Internal Snap Rings are fitted into bores.

View the online range here:

External – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/snap-rings/external-snap-ring-m2400-2/

Internal: https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/snap-rings/internal-snap-ring-sbm-m2300/