Stainless Steel E Clips

Purchase high quality Stainless Steel E Clips today through our online store.

E-Clips are a basic form of a Circlip. They have the advantage that they can be inserted form the side of the shaft rather than inserting from the end. Also, each E-Clip has flexibility on the shaft size that it will suit.

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DIN 94 Split Cotter Pins

A Split Cotter Pin is a simple fastening device to prevent parts being released off the end of a shaft. Alternatively, they can be very useful to prevent nuts coming undone off a threaded fastener by simply drilling through nut and bolt. The o/d of the pin is made marginally smaller than the hole size to give easy fit. Once inserted the legs are bent over in opposite directions to complete the fastening. 

Our Split Cotter Pins are made from Mild Steel and finished with a Bright Zinc Plate.

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Spring Pins / Roll Pins

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These Pins can also be known as roll pins or sellock pins.

Spring Pins are simply a single coil of steel with an open slot, this will enable the pin to reduce its diameter, so that it can be easily inserted into the appropriate size hole. 

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Next day delivery available on Shim Washers

Shim Washers are great when you need to fill a gap to prevent leaks or stop other parts of a machine loosening and rattling around. The Din 988 Shim Washers we provide are Carbon Spring Steel round Shim Washers.

These Washers are available online with next day delivery offered also available.

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Belleville Washers – What are they?

Belleville Washers also known as Disc Springs are conical shaped washers. They have the unique advantage of offering a high force in a confined space compared with that of a coiled type Compression Spring.
Added to this, they have great flexibility in that the Discs can be used in various configurations and therefore offer unique Spring Stacks according to your requirements.

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Imperial Circlips – External and Internal

Purchase high quality Imperial Circlips through our online store today.

External Imperial Circlips are used on Shafts and Internal Imperial Circlips are used in Bores. These Circlips are manufactured in Carbon Spring Steel. Stainless Steel available upon request.

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External Imperial Circlips:

Internal Imperial Circlips: