Push On Fixings & Fasteners

Purchase Push On Fixings from our springfasteners store!

We offer both metric & imperial fixings including M1465, N1465, N1405 & Starlock Washers (uncapped).

We have made it easy to purchase small pack quantities of these parts, please use the links below to view the range. If you require large bulk quantities of these parts, please dont hesitate to contact us.

M1465 METRIC PUSH ON FASTENERS – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/fixings-and-fasteners/push-on-fasteners-2/push-on-fastener-m1465/

N1465 IMPERIAL PUSH ON FASTENERS – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/fixings-and-fasteners/push-on-fasteners-2/push-on-fastener-imperial-n1465-range/

N1405 SELF LOCKING RINGS – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/fixings-and-fasteners/push-on-fasteners-2/n1405-imperial-self-locking-rings/

STARLOCK WASHERS (UNCAPPED) – https://springfasteners.co.uk/product-category/fixings-and-fasteners/push-on-fasteners-2/push-on-fasteners/

M1465-0300 30mm PUSH ON FASTENER BAG QTY: 15 PCSPush On Fastener 5mm STAR5