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Shim Washers at Low Prices

Choose from a fantastic range of Shim Washers online today.

Shim Washers are produced to DIN 988 standards and are made from carbon spring steel.

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Circlips: Your simple guide.

Circlips are one of the most popular forms of Spring Type Fasteners.

The two main types are External Circlips and Internal Circlips.

External Circlips are designed for shafts with grooves and Internal Circlips for bores with grooves.

Both types have DIN specifications:

External Circlips D1400Internal Circlips D1300
Standard: DIN 471Standard: DIN 472

Here are some examples of the two different circlips.

External Circlips in Carbon Steel
External Circlips
Internal Circlips

How to find the right Circlip…

Don’t worry it’s pretty simple!

External Circlips are listed by the shaft size they fit on to, and Internal Circlips by the bore size they fit in to.

For example, if you need a Circlip to fit on to a 20mm shaft, you would require a 20mm External Circlip. If you needed a Circlip for a 20mm bore, you would require a 20mm Internal Circlip.

For more information, please feel free to use this size chart:

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Wave Washers for Bearings

Caleb Components has one of the largest online ranges of Wave Washers.

We stock the ‘EPL’ range, mainly used for bearing applications.

The Washers are installed within the bearing housing and operate by maintaining a force on the outer face of the bearing. This ensures a smooth and quiet running of the motor which helps extend the life of the bearing.

We offer next working day delivery across our all Wave Washers, as well as full technical assistance if needed.

Disc Springs available at Fantastic Prices

Disc Springs, also known as Belleville Washers are conical shaped washers.

They have the unique advantage of offering a high force in a confined space compared with that of a coiled type Compression Spring. These Disc Springs are manufactured to DIN 2093 specifications, and are produced from carbon spring steel.

You can purchase our high quality Disc Springs online today!

Spring Pins – Slotted Type to DIN 1481

The most common form of Spring Pin is the Slotted Type. These can also be known as Roll Pins or Sellock Pins.

They are produced to DIN 1481 standards and are available in carbon spring steel and stainless steel.

Slotted Spring Tension Pins are simply a single coil of steel with an open slot, this will enable the pin to reduce its diameter, so that it can be easily inserted into the appropriate size hole. 

You can purchase these Pins online through our easy-to-use online store.

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Fibre Washer Assortment Available Online

Here at Caleb Components we offer a high quality low value Fibre Washer Assortment, containing approximately 110pcs.

Whats included?

Fibre washers for plumbing applications and for use as buffers and packers. From 10mm with 3mm centres, to 30mm with 16mm centres. Sizes (Inner Dia x Outer Dia): 16 x 30mm; 24 x 28mm; 20 x 24mm; 15 x 18mm; 13 x 19mm; 8 x 16mm; 6 x 12mm; 3 x 10mm. Handy storage case with compartments.

Next Day Delivery on all our Circlips

Need your Circlips in a hurry? Caleb Components has covered, offering next working day delivery (UK Mainland) across our full range of Circlips.

If you require a morning delivery, please call us today so we arrange this for you. The following services are offered:

  • Next Working Day (Any Time)
  • Before 12:00 Next Working Day
  • Before 10:00 Next Working Day

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